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Ceramic & Porcelain Floors

Ceramic and porcelain tiled floors deserve some attention too . Whether you just want to give it a good  deep clean or you would like to change the appearance of the floor without going to the trouble of re tiling we have services that will make a difference to your home .

Deep Clean

Our deep clean service will clean your tiles and grout lines .With the use of our specialist products and equipment we can help freshen up grout lines and make them brighter again.

For floors where a deep clean wont bring enough of a visual impact we have a fabulous service to change the colour of your grout lines. You can select your own colour and we will do the rest !. A dramatic difference to any floor without the need for new tiles . This will banish all stains ,  giving you non porous pristine joint lines . It can make an old floor look just like new and really help to make a visual difference to a room.


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