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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete – The HTC Superfloor

There is no longer any need to cover your concrete in carpet , wood or tiles . With a little bit of planning you can turn your concrete from being dull and boring and create something unique which will become the focal point of your home . You will never look at concrete in the same way once you see our polished concrete floors.

All our polished concrete floors are HTC Superfloors and we have 4 different finishes for you to choose from

HTC Superfloor Platinum – this is where we grind into the concrete , expose the aggregate ( stones) and we then polish the concrete to create a high gloss finish .

HTC Superfloor Gold – This is where we very lightly grind into the concrete , exposing the aggregate to give a salt and pepper effect ( smaller stones) , and we then polish the surface to a high gloss .

HTC Superfloor Silver . This is a matt finish floor – grinded into with aggregate (stones) exposed . This floor is not a polished finish

HTC Superfloor Bronze . For this floor we are polishing the surface of the concrete . We are not grinding into the concrete so no aggregate is exposed . The look that is created with this floor is like a sheet of marble.




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